TV Commercials

At Limitless we focus on delivering high end production. All our equipment and ethos is designed around mainstream hollywood cinema, and this experience lends itself well to the TVC industry. We have experience accross the full range of camera systems, including the Arri Alexa, Red Epic Dragon, Sony F55 as well as the Canon & Blackmagic cinema range. Our experienced directors can accomodate all your production requirements, from complex lighting setups to VFX supervision and advanced colour grading.

Experienced Directors

Having an experienced director plan and oversee your production is crucial. At Limitless our experienced directors can ensure you get the best possible outcome for your brand. Our main director Jonathon Shaw has a background in film making and over 12 years experience in the production industry. Too see more of his personal work check out his instagram at indi_film_guy.

The Best Cameras & Lenses

At Limitless we have experience with all the best camera systems for your production needs. The Arri Alexa, the Red Epic Dragon, the Sony F55 just to name a few. We have sound data management solutions for high speed cameras like the Phantom, and we also have great experince accomodating an anamorphic workflow, and working with anamorphic lenses.

Professional Copywriting

Behind every great production and TV commercial is a great script! Humor is serious commodity in the world of tv commercials. Sure, there is simple comedy like a pie in the face or an Adam Sandler movie, but most jokes rely on real intellect! Have our experienced copywriters draft your next TVC script today!

Casting Agencies

What would any production be without the actors? Talent for your TVC is often something overlooked or left to the last minute but it can be crucial in determinig the success of your idea, without the right talent even the best script can fail. At Limitless we have strong industry contacts for casting agencies and talent sourcing.

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