Timelapse Perth

Limitless are a leader in timelapse video solutions in Perth for all types of construction projects. We have custom built solar powered units for long term timelapse solutions or cost effective battery powered for short term.

Simple Timelapse Video Option

We have simple battery operated timelapse options for simple timelapse solutions that will last for months at a time without replacing batteries or SD cards. Call us today for a quote on a simple timelapse solution for your project.

Premium Timelapse Video Option

Our high end timelapse cameras can be purchased and setup for the capture of long format timelapse, where minimal access to the box is required. These units feature solar panels, weather proofing, insect proofing, tamper proofing and 4G connectivity and are incredibly robust.

Perfect for Construction

Both our timelapse options are incredibly robust, reliable options, perfect for construction timelapse. We can capture your large scale construction and demolition projects in full HD at speeds of up to 1 photo per 30s.

4G Connectivity

Often timelapse projects require 4G connectivity so that managers can access their timelapse via a web portal and keep track of the project. Limitless offers 4G capable timelapse options for when minimal access to the box is required.

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