Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are a fantastic way to establish brand loyalty among your customers quickly and effectively. Pick a few of your best customers, put them in front of the camera and you have a powerful message of trust being conveyed.

Dedicated Studio

At Limitless we have a dedicated studio for your and your clients to come and record your testimonial videos in. Lighting, audio and backdrops are all included. Contact us today to come check out the studio and book your first testimonial.

Bulk Content Creation

Shoot three or more testimonials at once and we will offer you a group discount on the videos. Limitless also offers custom rates to clients wanting to establish long running testimonial video, or content creation campaigns.

Social Media Guidance

Our experienced team can assist you in creating custom content for the various social media channels that you may have. For example shorted chopped down versions for Instagram, and longer full versions for YouTube or Facebook accounts.

Testimonial Examples

Check out an example of a testimonial video right here.

Book a shoot for your next testimonial video today!