Music Video

Do you need an incredible music video to help generate exposure for your next single? We can help you produce a video that will be worthy of MTV!

Experienced Director

Having an experienced director plan and oversee your music video production is crucial. Our main director Jonathon Shaw has a background in film making and over 12 years experience in the production industry. To see more of his personal work check out his instagram at indi_film_guy.

Hollywood Grade Equipment

Limitless can shoot with equipment that rivals that of mainstream hollywood cinema. Our cameras and lenses can create a look for your production that will feel like it belongs on MTV. Contact us today to talk about the equipment for your next production.

MattyTWall Music Video

In 2016 we shot and produced the official music video for MattyTWalls "Burnin' Up Burnin' Down". Check it out in full below...

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