Aerial Photography & Video

Aerial photography and video is an evolving area, where the emergence of drone technology and higher quality digital cameras have drastically reduced the cost of aerial video production. Do you need epic aerial establishing shots for your next video? Contact Limitless today!

4K RAW Aerial Video

Our camera systems can shoot up to 4K in RAW with super smooth 3 axis gyro stabilisation. This high resolution not only provides incredible detail, it also allows for better stabilisation in post production, resulting in smoother aerials.

High Resolution Still Images

Our cameras are not only capable of highly detailed video, but also super high resolution still images. These high resolution stills are great for marketing material like billboards and brochures.

Custom Built Drones

At Limitless we not only build drones, we can customise a drone to suit your particular needs. We have drones to suit aerial mapping, event coverage or surveying. Our drone supplier can fit out a drone to carry a specific camera type, or be in the air for long durations.

Helicoper Charter Flights

Often drones are not capable of achieving the altitudes required for aerial video, and Limitless also partners with helicopter charters for flights requiring altitudes greater than 400 feet. With helicopters we can achieve altitudes of up to 6000 feet, making large scale aerial work possible.

Book an aerial shoot for photo or video today with Limitless Studios