360 VR Video

New & Exciting Content

360 Degree video is an emerging market that is gathering popularity as virtual reality headsets are improved and marketed to consumers. Now is a fantastic oportunity to get in on cutting edge technology and market to your customers in a unique way. No matter what your business we can create immersive VR experiences for you.

VR Ready

Limitless shoot on a custom built 360 degree camera rig, which creates video exclusively to be played back on virtual reality headsets. Our camera rig can shoot a resolution of up to 24K, or 24,000 lines of horizontal resolution. That six times as detailed as conventional 4K cameras, giving the viewer a truly immersive experience.

360 Event Coverage

Ever wanted your patrons to be able to experience the atmosphere of your live event online from the comfort of thier own home? Now you can have your events recorded in full 360 degree views, to be played back on 360 capable platforms like YouTube and Facebook or virtual reality headsets. Every angle is recorded giving the viewer the feeling they are really there!

Create 3D Hometours

Our 360 degree camera rig is perfect for creating immersive 360 degree home tours, giving the viewer the power to look around the home as they please, and inspect every angle as if there are really there! Call us to see how we can create an immersive 360 home tour for you today!

Plan a 360 degree virtual reality experience with Limitless Studios!